This is a now page. It was inspired by Derek Siver's now page.

I'm Brian K. Vagnini

What I'm doing now

as of 6/19/20

My intention for 2020 is to become a Junior Developer. Languages I am looking at studying more seriously are C#/dotNet Core and Python/Django, although I have a smattering of JavaScript and PHP under my belt.

I started my own Digital Products company in mid 2019, called Products are geared towards helping people manage their lives better. I'm still working on that.

On the job front, I'm currently looking for a job as a Developer or as a Business Analyst/Technical Writer/Technical Trainer. I will be pursueing the CSM certification soon (Certified Scrum Master), which will make me more employable, in a domain that I want to pursue further. My resume is at

I'm also planning on starting up the college experience again, this time with WGU, to get a B.S. in Software Development.

Questions, or comments?